“The Founder” and “The Itching” and “Roll With Me”

Carter Burwell scores “The Founder” in Seattle – currently setting up the mix in New York City. “The Itching” accepted into the Sundance Film Festival – exciting! Lisa France makes “Roll With Me” and currently starting to compose a rock score for this documentary.

Was thrilling to have Burwell’s score for “Carol” nominated for an Academy Award.

“Hail Caesar!”, “The Finest Hours”, “The Itching”, “The Founder” and “Roll With Me”.

“Hail Caesar!” finished mixing at The Body New York City last week. “The Finest Hours” mixed in July. Just a few small revisions to “The Itching” for October. Carter Burwell will compose “The Founder” in December 2015. Met with old upper west side chum Lisa France and talked about her documentary “Roll With Me”.

“Legend” mixed and sounds great. “The Family Fang” coming up and then, possible Disney movie, “The Finest Hours”.

Carter Burwell wrote tremendous music for “Legend” and Mike Farrow mixed it equally as splendid. Burwell writing up a storm the last year. Coming up is “The Family Fang” to be recorded at Avatar NYC in late March. Seems like a Disney movie called “The Finest Hour” will score in June 2015 but this is not yet confirmed.

Carter’s studio, The Body, has seen some alteration to the 5.1 mixing environment. The first spacial change in 15 years of service. The left and right surround speakers were re-positioned closer to the sweet spot.

Back in December Angie Teo did a fine job recording and mixing Carter’s score to the animation feature “Anomalisa”.¬†Special thanks to Jay Spears and Mark Corbin who keep yours truly above water with my technical adventures.

“Carol” mixed and upcoming animation of “Anomalisa” and the Dan Yolen Cafe Band Gig

“Carol” is mixed with Mike Farrow doing an incredible job of engineering the recording and mixing at The Body, NYC. We revisit “Anomalisa” in November as Carter Burwell will score an animated film of the theater piece. Any exciting proposition.

I did a gig with Dan Yolen and Bruce Barker over summer. True joy for me to climb on the drum throne and connect to a magical mystery tour of song selections by Dan. Bruce turned out some licks that reminded me of the great blues slide players and Dan as usual finds the telling hook in a song that makes for a deep communication within the band.

Next year with Burwell a movie about the Kray Bros. and then a Coen Bros. movie.