“The Missing Link” completed and “The Good Liar” in process.

Carter Burwell completed composing and recording the animation, “The Missing Link”, for LAIKA (Coraline) during summer. We have started “The Good Liar” directed by Bill Condin, which will record in NYC. Construction of new studio 50% complete.


“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” & LAIKA Project Well Underway.

Changing landscape of music scoring for feature film sees most of our projects recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London. Carter Burwell makes an impression on the 2018 Academy Awards with a nomination for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”. Kylie Nicole Parker makes entrance onto Sedgwick Avenue, Bronx and keeps us busier than usual!

“The Founder” and “The Itching” and “Roll With Me”

Carter Burwell scores “The Founder” in Seattle – currently setting up the mix in New York City. “The Itching” accepted into the Sundance Film Festival – exciting! Lisa France makes “Roll With Me” and currently starting to compose a rock score for this documentary.

Was thrilling to have Burwell’s score for “Carol” nominated for an Academy Award.

“Hail Caesar!”, “The Finest Hours”, “The Itching”, “The Founder” and “Roll With Me”.

“Hail Caesar!” finished mixing at The Body New York City last week. “The Finest Hours” mixed in July. Just a few small revisions to “The Itching” for October. Carter Burwell will compose “The Founder” in December 2015. Met with old upper west side chum Lisa France and talked about her documentary “Roll With Me”.